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Consumer Protection

South Dakota D-CAP Program


D-CAP is an informal dispute and mediation procedure that usually results in an understanding between the dealer and a customer which brings a positive result regarding a consumer’s issue with the dealer.

D-CAP is a self initiated program operated by the South Dakota Automobile Dealers Association.

If a problem develops with your vehicle or the purchase of your vehicle and you feel there has been progress made in reaching a satisfactory settlement or resolution with the dealership; follow these steps to start the D-CAP dispute and mediation procedure.


Step 1: Call the South Dakota Automobile Dealers Association (SDADA) at 605-336-2616 and ask for the D-CAP Manager, or you can stop at the SDADA Office at 3801 South Kiwanis Avenue in Sioux Falls, SD. Please be ready to explain the issue you are having.

Step 2: The SDADA D-CAP Manager will ask if you have discussed the issue in person with your dealer. Some dealerships have several employees and because of that, the dealer may not be aware that you have an unresolved issue. If you have not visited with the dealer, you will be urged to do so because in most circumstances, when you discuss your issue with the dealer, it will promptly be resolved. However, if your person to person conversation with the dealer does not bring a satisfactory resolution, continue with the following steps.

Step 3: When you originally contacted the SDADA D-CAP Manager, you are given a one page form to help you thoroughly present your issue. Please complete that form completely and accurately including all details regarding your issue with the vehicle or purchase of that vehicle. The completed form needs to be returned to the SDADA D-CAP Manager.

Step 4: The SDADA D-CAP Manager will notify the dealer and advise that you have an unresolved issue and that you have chosen to initiate the D-CAP procedure. The dealer will be provided a copy of the D-CAP Form you completed. If there is not a satisfactory resolution, the SDADA D-CAP Manager will initiate Step 5.

Step 5: The SDADA D-CAP Manager will refer your issue and supporting documents to our panel of independent consumer representatives. This panel will thoroughly study the issue and render a recommendation. The panel’s recommendation is purely that, only a recommendation, it is not binding on either party. If, at the end of this procedure, you are still not satisfied, you are free to pursue other means of remedy or redress.

Overview of D-CAP
The SDADA Consumer Action Program has been in existence for decades. During that time, most issues brought to our attention have been satisfactorily resolved. While D-CAP is sponsored and supervised by South Dakota’s franchised dealers, this procedure can also be initiated for issues that arise with any South Dakota Dealer.

For more information:
South Dakota Automobile Dealers Association
PO Box 89008

Sioux Falls, SD 57109-9008


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