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Legislative – How SDADA Works For You

Over the years, the government’s view of the auto industry has shifted with changing administrations, both in Pierre and Washington, D.C. The one constant for auto dealers across the state is SDADA’s active role in representing your concerns. SDADA and NADA are involved at every level of government to create a more level playing field for you, to ensure your continued success.


In 1918, the South Dakota Automobile Dealers Association (SDADA) was formed by a small group of dealers where its primary purpose was to advocate on behalf of dealer members at the state legislature.

SDADA remains focused on protecting auto dealer’s interest at the state level, both defending dealers against harmful legislation and introducing measures that protect dealers AND the consumer.

Through attending conferences and agency meetings, as well as monitoring alerts, SDADA stays on top of rulemaking and major policy changes at the state and federal levels — then communicates the impact of these changes to you as soon as the changes are known.

Department of Revenue

Within the Department of Revenue, SDADA staff closely works with the Division of Motor Vehicles on issues that surface across the state’s counties that process titles. Issues include paperwork requirements, variances in county interpretations of state guidelines or laws.

Legislative Grassroots Meetings

Legislative grassroots meetings are a fundamental component of SDADA in that they’re used to educate elected officials — specifically members of the South Dakota Legislature — about issues that are important to the automotive industry.

These meetings help build relationships between member dealers and their elected officials. In crafting these personal relationships, we hope that when an issue arises, these elected officials will remember our member’s comments before taking any action.

Dealer participation is essential for continued success at the South Dakota Legislature. SDADA wants elected officials to directly hear from you, as your active involvement goes a long way in ensuring that issues facing motor vehicle dealers remain at the forefront of elected officials.

If you can’t attend a meeting in your area, we recommend you send someone from your dealership. Legislative grassroots meetings are our primary way of advocating on your behalf and have proven to be very successful.


One of the major challenges dealers face is navigating and complying with a maze of federal and state laws that govern every aspect of dealership operations.

SDADA staff is available to answer dealer members’ compliance questions, as well as seek the advice and counsel of attorneys with expertise in various subject matter areas when needed.

Staff also keeps tabs on litigation and enforcement actions throughout the country that pose potential threats to South Dakota dealers. If you have questions on any legal or regulatory matter, please contact:

Christine Erickson
South Dakota Automobile Dealers Association

State Information

South Dakota motor vehicle dealers are primarily regulated by the South Dakota Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles and the South Dakota Office of the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection.

Compliance articles/updates

Compliance and regulatory articles and updates are included in SDADA’s bi-weekly 
e-newsletter, SDADA Update. 

State resources include:

   South Dakota Department of Revenue

   Revenue Tax Facts

Federal Information

The regulations from the Administration’s executive agencies touch every aspect of commerce, including car sales. Fortunately, there are resources to help navigate Washington’s bureaucracy.

NADA Regulatory Affairs

Through our membership in the National Automobile Dealers Association, SDADA provides updates and representation with:

           The Federal Trade Commission

           Department of Transportation

           Department of Labor

           Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

NADA resources include:

           NADA Regulatory Maze

           Law Guides 

           Fair Credit Program

Other Resources

Below are some additional Regulatory resources:

   National Association of Dealer Counsel

   Employment Law and Human Resources Counseling — Employers Council

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