• To afford opportunities for members to associate and exchange views and to take such concerted action as may be desirable for the betterment of trade and business conditions in the State of South Dakota.

  • To encourage sound business people.

  • To promote the present and future welfare of the members by uniting in common endeavors.

  • To promote confidence, respect and good fellowship among all engaged in the sale of new motor vehicles in the State of South Dakota.


Article III, Section 7

All members of the Association will be expected to operate and abide by the standards of the Code of Ethics of the South Dakota Automobile Dealers Association and the National Automobile Dealers Association as amended from time to time. The purpose of the Code of Ethics will be to bring dignity and respect to our industry and protect the interest of the public. These safeguards will enhance the value of the Association members' franchise and, at the same time, will build customer confidence in Association members.